THE STORY – lost and found


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1965 T1 transporter ex-panel van (with windows) project:

This classic VW was purchased by me in 2009 with the intention of a custom restoration. It’s previous owner owned it since 1972 and used it as a Circus support wagon to sell cotton candy from it.

At the stage we found it it was a solid base with very litlle or no rust as it was stored in a dry garage but had lots of missing panels. The previous owner intended to put the bus back on road in 2000 and started to remove some pnaels and fix some issues but it was brought to a stand still as he ran out of funds – than 9 years later he sold it to me in the same unfinished shape as you see on the pictures.

photo IMG_3650.jpg

I have started an investigation based on the VIN (chassis number) and found that besides that fact that the body looks as if it was originally a panel van (kastenwagen) it has an 1965 microbus undercarriage. I have contacted the VW Museum in Wolfsburg and acquired the vehicle’s original Birth Certificate (Urkunde)

As per the BC and the VIN number the the details are the following:

  • Model: 221, VW-Micro Bus
  • Colour: L 512 Velvet Green, Roof L 289 Blue white, Upholstery Mesh Grey
  • Built on: 19 March 1965
  • Left factory on: 23 March 1965
  • Country of destination: Netherlands
  • Extras: M 056 Steering / Ignition lock

beolvass0001 photo beolvass0001.jpg

After further investigation we found that the bus had an accident in 1978 with serious body damage but no undercarriage damage, and thats when the previous owner replaced the full body to the one that was at the time avaialble to him – a panel van body – and he cut windows in it (which later caused quite a nice headache for us to do nicely)

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