THE STORY – back to the workshop


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After 12 months of hard work the T1 was ready to be taken to the workshop for modifications and assembly as the body was ready and nicely completed – all panels were replaced and treated.

In 2010 the works of customization began with the front suspension modification where wedid a 2” narrowing to fit porsche fuchs alloy wheels (5×112) nicely,removed the front suspension and drum brakes and replaced it with servo disc brakes (from an 1968 T2a transporter) keeping the original front beam,and a slight lowering only for road comfort and made it adjustable.

photo DSC08288.jpg

photo DSC08286.jpg

The whole steering mechanism was removed and professionall restored to a very high standard.

photo DSC08299.jpg

photo DSC08298.jpg

Then we moved to the rear suspension modification to fit IRS (Independent Reduction System) so we can fit the brand new BBT AT code transmission(freeway flyer) and the typ4 engine.

photo DSC09543.jpg

photo IMG_1432.jpg

When all the body modification was done and the brand new wiring loom (including 10 stand fusebox, wires for sound, engine starter button etc) was fitted and all small holes and fixing points were set, we have removed everything and taken the bus to do the paintwork.