THE STORY – interior and details


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When the paint was on and the van was shining like a gem the upholsterer took it and replace the old set of front seats to a genuine set of Porsche 911 seats – and got the interior finished in beautiful black and dark ruby combination leather including the side panles and headliners (4mm flexi ply interior panels (set of 10) and roof lining panels (set of 10)).

photo IMG-20120830-00431.jpg

photo IMG-20120830-00420.jpg

But before all that professional insulation was placed under each panel, doorcard and floor to provide perfect moisture protection and noise reduction. Different kind of professional materia was used for the best quality which was privided by German specialist HANNO:

  • Hanno-Protecto PF 830 3mm (to provide protection from structure-borne and air-borne noise in the engine bay and above, and all floor sections)
  • STP SILVER 530x750x2 mm (to provide protection from structure-borne and air-borne noise in the rear passenger area, and full roof section)
  • STP GOLD 530x750x2,3 mm (to provide protection from structure-borne and air-borne noise in the cockpit, front doors and mask)
  • OVF SOFT 1000x1500mm (to provide noise and moisture protection in the passenger area under the carpets)

The windows were a project that had to be handled as a resto in the resto. Very fortunately none of the supportbars were cut when they made space for the windows and cut the holes. Unfortunately because of this the window holes are a few centimeters smaller than the original window openings so we had to find a custom solution.We have contacted a custom car builder to carefully measuer the openings and create custom windows for each opening separately using the thinnest rubber and the best quality stamped security glas. The result is awsome.

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photo IMG_6032.jpg

Then all we had to do was to install the custom made aluminium interior parts all from UK company called MCJ all machined from billet aluminium with CNC which include:

  • cab door openers
  • cab door pulls
  • dash grab handle
  • fresh air directional knob
  • cargo door handles
  • air flap knob
  • and  a 15”/380mm diameter slotted woodrim wheel in black with a custom horn pust with a Transformers Decepticon engraving in the middle

photo IMG_4465-.jpg

And here is a short video done recently in 2013: