THE STORY – let the work begin


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The work started the same year (2009) with buying all the missing parts and panels that were needed, these included:

  • complete front mask
  • all 4 wheel arch panels
  • corner panels
  • doglegs
  • undercarriage floor panels
  • cargo door bottom panels
  • new Hella fron beams
  • new Hella indicators
  • new BBT AT code gearbox
  • BBT porsche fuchs replicas (5×112)
  • new full set of outer door handles (with keys)

These were purchased from BBT Hungary a distributor of the Worldwide known replacements part manufacturer Belgian company BBT.

photo DSC01969.jpg

While the van started to shape under the caring hands of the welder I have got in touch with UK based splitscreen van spare parts distributor and manufacturer Creative Engineering and acquired the parts that I imagined would fit my bus best and would shape my dream custom car as I imagined it, these were the following made strictly from stainless steel with the highest quality:

  • Safari windows (opening front windscreen)
  • Deluxe Body Trim Kit (deluxe bus specs)
  • Bulkhead double seat (with large storage)
  • Rock n Roll seat bed (opening seat bed for sleepin confortably for 2)
  • Complete rubber kit KOMBI (this include all new rubber for the bus)
  • VW stainless steel emblem.  

photo IMG01047-20101203-1024.jpg

photo DSC03218.jpg

A set of stainless steel towel rail front and rear bumper were purchased from Harrington Group.

photo bikebumpers017.jpg

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