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A few things will have to be fixed in the coming weeks, one of them are the locks on the bus.

This will again be done with the help of the team at Bugparts where the bus arrived last week.


So the first thing they had to attack was the cargo door locking mechanism, last year we didn’t have time to thoroughly investigate the problem with the cargo door locking. And because the bus will be carrying my kids very soon I wanted to make sure those doors lock correctly.

So the full mechanism was taken apart (both the main and the small lock too) and we found out that the problem was simply age. The lock lip has completely worn out and broke, as you can see on the pictures:

 photo DSC03492_zpsa8f0cb5a.jpg  photo DSC03491_zpsb625ac5d.jpg  photo DSC03490_zps9432204c.jpg  photo DSC03489_zps1631e13f.jpg  photo DSC03488_zpsbc54ebec.jpg  photo DSC03487_zpsb9bdbd60.jpg

So after seeing all this we decided not to go into trying to fix but rather try to get hold of a set of original VW “good used” locking mechanism with the help of BBT. ¬†Hopefully these will arrive next week.

Apart from the above we are doing the following tweaks in the coming 3 weeks:

  • finishing up the upholstery
  • installing the car audio (Pioneer)
  • fine tuning the engine and synchronising the carbs

Watch this space I will keep you all updated on the process.