VWheelmasters Hungary Cruise 2013


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VWheelmarsters cruising in Hungary between August 15. and September 3. scenery varies between, Eger, Felsőtárkány, Budakeszi, Budapest, Tata on secondary roads and on highways, the bus did excellent, doing highway speeds around 120km/h (sometimes above) with fuel consumption around 11 liters / 100km oil temperature never going above 95 celsius. Used properly first time since the build project in 2012 finished, which you can read and follow HERE  and on facebook https://www.facebook.com/vwheelmasters

The video was shot using a GoPro Black Edition camera, edited with GoPro Studio 2.0


Music approved and acknowledged to be used by the band Periphery, I don’t own the music. (background noise also left in for authencity)
Periphery – Jetpacks Was Yes! (Instrumental)

VWheelmasters is a proud Decepticon (logo on hornpush). “TO PUNISH AND ENSLAVE”

The raw GoPro footage is still under edit so there maybe variations of videos coming still, stay tuned. Also take alook at the VWheelmasters on the photos I took:

bushiur's VWheelmasters Hungary 2013 album on Photobucket